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About Us

Quality Manufacturing

How do we deliver so much quality and value?

• Over 55-years and 4 generations of Hobgood family know-how.
• The largest, most sophisticated construction center in the region.
• Direct-from-the-mill train car lumber purchasing power for the
best quality and price.
• Volume sales and construction covering 5 states and a radius of 250 miles.

Quality and Value
The Total Postframe Package!

Others just don't build-in the quality, strength, or value!


• Big 6" x 6" treated posts (not 4" x 6") with a lifetime warranty.
• Strong 2" x 6" wall girts (not 2" x 4").
• All yellow pine "#1" or "A" grade lumber (not inferior spruce).
• Notched posts and 2" x 4" purlins for engineered strength.
• Extra-strong diagonal wind bracing.
• Superior 20 to 25 pound maximum roof load capacities and continuous roof bracing.

 Quality, on-site construction.
• Reliable transportation and equipment.
• Experienced builders.
• Up-to-date construction technology.
• Engineered strength and durability.
• Volume lumber buying power.
• More building for the buck!

Roofing and Siding

• Our 3 / 4" rib with its anti-siphon feature gives you a weather-tight seal. 
• Fastened with screws (not nails) for superior strength.
• Extra heavy 29 gauge steel (26 gauge residential) with a 30-year warranty.
• R-Rib and G-Rib configurations available.
• Liner panels also available for finished and functional interiors.

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